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As one of the leading branding companies in Dubai, we at ENH Media apply strategic and creative thinking to branding programs for businesses all over the world. We build brands and shape reputations by leveraging insights and ideas. Our final products are innovative and functional solutions. We have honed our skills in key areas of communication. We are a brand identity design agency that creates brand identities that are one-of-a-kind, iconic, and distinct. We deliver brands that leave a positive, long-lasting impression, whether it’s a brand refresh or a new identity from scratch. Our expertise and dedication are evident in our chosen fields of strategy, naming, branding, and marketing. Your brand is your ambassador, so it’s more important than ever to nail down your brand strategy and ensure your brand identity stands out.
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We can help you position your brand with unique values and tell your story with an engaging tone of voice and stunning brand design, from start-ups to established businesses. Because every business is unique, we tailor our approach to deliver bespoke solutions for each brief, from strategy to unique, eye-catching, and memorable branding. We are a team of consultants, strategists, and designers who connect customers and employees to brands in order to help businesses succeed. With our range of brand identity services, we help you to develop a brand strategy, experience, and design that people trust, using behavioral insights.
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truth about creativity


Curating your brand’s unique selling point.


Identifying points of differentiation to increase visibility.


In order to advance, you must first choose the appropriate name


Process of creating brands for today that will live on into the future.


Process of creating opportunities for meaningful dialogue.


Why is branding important?

The process of building a brand is called branding. It is crucial since it entails firmly establishing the market positioning of your business or product, developing a brand strategy, maybe coming up with a name, establishing your company's tone of voice, and designing a business and/or product image. One thing must be made clear: a brand is far more than a logo! We acknowledge that cost might be a deciding issue and that you may want a visual representation of your company rapidly, but we don't think logos by themselves adequately describe your company. A logo that is improperly created may wind up focusing on the incorrect market.

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What is the difference between marketing & branding?

The quality and commitment to projects is exemplary. Thank you so much for all your support. So proactive and participative in helping us with the application.

Ms. Ranjini Ramnath
Al Noor School for Special Needs

ENH is one of the best marketing communication agencies in the market to associate with. They are quick, innovative and their output quality is outstanding!

Ms. Minhal Lateef
Corporate Communications Executive, Emitac Healthcare Solutions