April 22, 2023

Tips For Making a Branded Corporate Video Content in Dubai

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It can be difficult to plan and produce a successful corporate video. When we compare the average attention span to the amount of information required to thoroughly communicate a corporate brand identity, we have a difficult situation.Corporate videos should clearly communicate what your brand stands for, what the unique value proposition of your product or service is, why your company should be considered over your competition, and how you intend to provide high-quality service. Here are some tips for making a branded corporate video content in Dubai

Start with a brainstorm: Sometimes it will be obvious what and how much video your company should create. However, it can be difficult to translate an idea for a product tutorial or explainer video into full concepts. Beginning with a brainstorming session can help those ideas thrive. Keep notes on your sessions; some of them may serve as inspiration for future videos.

Focus on the benefits for your customer: The key to making a successful corporate video is to make one that customers will enjoy watching. While listing features is useful, it does not help your audience understand why your product or service is right for them. A good strategy is to illustrate the advantages. In other words, show rather than tell.

Perfect the script or storyboard: Storyboards are used to create animated videos. It is not only a great way to organize your thoughts, but it is also a great way to visualize them. Your company can easily discover potential ways to develop or change a video’s story by creating a visual of the sequence of events. This pre-production strategy is what contributes to great videos being great.

Pair your ideas with strong visuals: The design of your video should reflect the personality of your brand. It can be lighthearted and animated, or it can be formal and minimal. Make sure that whatever style you choose is consistent across all video communications.

Share your video using the right channels: The most common mistake made after creating video content is failing to share it so that it can gain exposure. Remember this when sharing: People react differently to video content depending on the social platform or marketing channel.ENH Media & Communications LLC is a well-known digital marketing company in Dubai that provides a wide range of clients with unique digital marketing services to target the right audience. We specialize in digital marketing, corporate videography services, and web design, with a focus on internet marketing. If you are looking for corporate video production in Dubai, contact us.