December 25, 2022

Marketing for the Expo in Dubai? Make your Business Stand Out with ENH

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In the field of digital marketing, business owners will be able to fight off competition and experience significant growth in their business by utilizing various digital marketing tools and techniques. A strong online presence can benefit any growing or upcoming business. Businesses with an online presence have a better chance of surviving, competing, and growing.

With the changing and evolving nature of modern technologies, small and medium-sized businesses are doing everything they can to keep up, as can be said for the rest of human society, to capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace. Expo 2020 is a massive event held in Dubai that is an excellent way for businesses to expand into new markets and strengthen their brand presence. For Expo 2020, you will undoubtedly require a social media marketing (SMM) strategy to reach more people and drive more sales in the future.Here are some of the most effective marketing strategies that ENH Media can use to help you stand out:

  1. Define your brand’s tone: Every organization must identify and establish the tone of its brand. Different tones elicit different responses from different audiences. As a result, we recommend that you examine how you best communicate with current customers and translate that tone into your digital copy. We also recommend that you look at how your competitors are communicating with similar audiences digitally. This allows you to gain a better understanding of how your brand should proceed with online interactions.
  2. Podcasts: Creating podcasts and sharing them on your social media platforms before the event is a great way to attract people and their interest in what you will be presenting at the event. You can bring in speakers to discuss global issues and challenges without disclosing your actual services and solutions.
  3. Promotional teasers: Make teaser videos for what you’ll be showcasing at the event. You can upload your videos to YouTube and share them on social media. This will increase attendee interaction and drive audience engagement.
  4. Create content strategy: Evergreen content, or content that is not tied to a specific time or event, adds a lot of value to your site because it is relevant to many people all year. A good place to start is by brainstorming common phrases and sentences that your clients may be looking for. Make use of these popular search terms in your blog titles and copy.
  5. Social Media Ads: Promote your position on social media and use platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to promote events to ensure your ad reaches the right people.

At ENH Media & Communications LLC, we assist brands in developing and implementing digital marketing strategies, and we have web design experts who specialize in internet marketing. Let’s connect and work on your next digital marketing project.