July 4, 2022

Are you ready with your Expo Digital Marketing Strategies?

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The world is increasingly operating in the online space, which means that having a digital presence is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity. Companies that continue to delay their entry into the Digital Age will fall behind and be unable to compete, especially with those who have already embraced a digital and mobile-centric future. Having said that, the digital environment is also changing. Having a website is no longer sufficient. Digital marketing is now all-encompassing, with numerous channels and opportunities that necessitate a comprehensive strategy to manage.

Strategy plays an important role in any business to increase revenue. A great digital marketing strategy is built to navigate the ever-changing online environment and effectively respond to trends, changing markets, and evolving customer needs. It will also help to increase your brand’s visibility, establish your brand, and deepen your connection with online communities.

Social media is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing available for Expo 2020. Reaching, interacting, and connecting must be central to social strategies. If you are in the process of developing a digital marketing strategy or are about to begin developing your approach to the online environment, here are some Expo Digital Marketing Strategies to help you:

  • Be distinct: You need to have a unique USP for your brand because there will be so many participants in Expo 2020. When you have decided on your USP, make sure it’s communicated throughout your social media marketing channels. This helps to create a buzz, increase brand loyalty and visibility.
  • Participate in the discussion: You must communicate the significance of your brand’s participation in Expo 2020. More than simply displaying and sharing your brand, you must establish a strong link that demonstrates the value of your contribution. To do so, highlight how your brand embodies the theme of ‘Connecting minds and creating the future.’ Make sure to share glimpses of the Expo itself across your social media channels.
  • Take it to live on social media: #Expo2020 hashtags should be used by your brand to increase exposure and reach. This associates your brand with the event, assisting in the creation of a digital footprint. Make active use of relevant hashtags in your posts, but also interact with relevant posts by others in a more indirect way.
  • Use social media promotions: Conduct a contest for whoever visits your stand. When you do this, you are not only increasing foot traffic to your stand and creating excitement around your brand, but you’re also creating a valuable opportunity to generate leads.
  • Plan for post-event coverage: Plan what kind of content you can create after Expo 2020 is over, such as a highlight reel. Social media is an excellent tool for maintaining ongoing engagement with newly discovered audiences and leads, so include a nurturing strategy as part of your post-event content strategy.

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