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Yungo and its team of highly qualified lawyers advise on a wide range of corporate and commercial transactions essential to the day to day projects of clients' investments. Yungo carefully and strategically takes into account the nature of the businesses and investments, assesses their legal and financial risks and provides clients with appropriate solutions to both simple and complex transactions.

Case Study

Law firms can also be trendy ! That was the message to be communicated through their logo . So when ENH Media was approached for this project , we conceptualized their logo with a corporate and appealing combination of purple pink with grey . The same was incoporated in all their business collaterals for all their international divisions.Such good chemistry with the client  does not stop here! We did a professional photoshoot for every member of their team which was later used to give a completely corporate yet personal feel to their website.ENH Media developed a dynamic responsive website that now enables them to keep their audience educated about the latest laws in the industry and assures world class services to its clients!