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Sharjah Indian School

Sharjah Indian School is a Senior Secondary School, Owned and Managed by Indian Association Sharjah. Established in 1979 with 280 pupils and 13 teachers, the school stands as a landmark in the annals of the Indo- UAE friendship. Today after 37 years, the school has a strength of 8,904 students and 459 teachers.

Case Study

In this part of the world, Education authorities are emphasising on high quality of education provided for the future generation and are closely observing the infrastructure and facilities offered by all schools. Similarlly parents are keen to know if the school can provide wholistic development of their kids.Sharjah Indian School has set remarkable high standards and wanted a Video to share the secret of their success in the field of academics, sports and co-circullar activities. ENH Media produced a video to communicate just that - a promise to strive further in making future leaders!