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Emitac Healthcare Solutions

Emitac Healthcare Solutions offers a vast array of innovative solutions and services to its diverse clientele to address the dynamic and complex requirements of the healthcare industry with the help of strategic and mutually productive partnerships with the finest brands worldwide.

Case Study

When they approached us for website design and development, the task at hand was to convey consistent information about the specialization and expertise of all 8 divisions, without over emphasizing or underplaying any particular division .The scope of work of each of these divisions is very different , with their unique technical support and partnership. This challenge was addressed with a very neat , corporate looking website which used Videos as a powerful medium to communicate . Not to forget, there is a “We are a Happy family” Video in the career page, that convinces the user that Emitac is a great place to work!.No surprise they won the SME Great place to work Award in 2015.ENH Media helped to produce those powerful Video, each one with a specific purpose.