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Portfolio Details

ACC Gulf

ACC Gulf LLC was established in 2002 following the acquisition of Technical & Leisure Supplies Co, a leading supplier of quality industrial maintenance and repair products in the UAE and the Middle East.

Case Study

The management of ACC Gulf is a good mix of mature industrial knowledge and youthful digital belief. When the ENH Media team met them, we knew that they deserve nothing but the best! Their website had to serve an interesting role - giving equal importance to their brand partners and their diverse large product range individually- and linking both together!!!!! The products are in themself laid down in simple sections providing all technical details and call-for-action in each section.The navigation and inter- relation between the sections is very smooth and well planned.Hence with a few clicks, you can access the entire ocean of information .....and thats a great user experience!!!. 

Such a good website needed to be organically reached...and hence the SEO exercise was planned. ENH suggested promising keywords and have undertaken the responsibility to get top viewership for this site. A quick brochure was also created for them to present themself in their inetrnational event.Our mutual understanding has been fruitful in surpassing their expectation each time.