Top 5 Gainers of Expo 2020 with their Master Plan
JAN 2022

Top 5 Gainers of Expo 2020 with their Master Plan

The World Expo has historically paved the way for strong economic growth and positively impacted the GDP of its host country, but Expo 2020 is even more significant for the UAE because it is the first city in the MENA region to host such a large international event, making it a long-term investment in the UAE’s future. Since the pandemic’s outbreak, the world has shifted to a digital one. The major event at Expo 2020 will also have an online version for the global audience to watch and enjoy.

The Expo 2020 is being built with cutting-edge technology to provide visitors with an enhanced experience. Due to its multi-cultural environment and location, as well as its ease of doing business on a global scale, the UAE attracts the best talent to the region. Here are the top five gainers of Expo 2020 with their master plan.

  1. Hospitality Industry: Most hotels have increased the number of beds, rooms, and amenities to accommodate the increased number of tourists brought on by the Expo event. Many hotels are expanding their infrastructure to meet the needs of tourists.
  2. Food and Drinks: The food and beverage industry in Dubai will experience the highest demand ever because of the Expo. Visitors will also travel to Dubai and other emirates to sample the diverse cuisines, which range from resorts to food trucks.
  3. Real Estate: The UAE’s real estate sector is seeing increased demand from international visitors. More international buyers will be interested in purchasing a plot of luxury real estate. Even mid-range and affordable properties in the UAE will have a high rental yield, as Expo 2020 attracts significant foreign investment and business growth, raising the UAE’s prosperity levels even further.
  4. Entertainment and Events: The events industry will be in high demand for Expo events that are scheduled to take place. As a result, the live and virtual entertainment and event industry will be an important partner in the success of Expo 2020.
  5. Shipping Industry: Many industries being represented at expo sites, necessitates the use of shipping services to ensure that your goods arrive safely. And integrating the physical and digital aspects of your business is going to be crucial.

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